Custom Made dull metal/silver seat Booth with 2 chairs with boomerang table

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Sold By:  Southern Restorations Cooperative
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Table Top 40×48
Booth Measures roughly 60×75
w/ 2 Chrome Frame Chairs.
Great Shape! Gently Used…

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Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 75 x 60 x 37 in

Southern Restorations Cooperative

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The Southern Restorations Cooperative was formed in 2016 as a way to bring together talent, passion and entrepreneurship in a way that shares overhead costs and creates efficiencies by pooling resources across its members.

But ultimately, our goal is to bring together the absolute best artisans, craftsmen and woodworkers.  Working together, we can offer an exceptionally wide array of skills and an amazingly deep level of expertise.  This ensures that we always deliver the best quality work to our customers, no matter how challenging or unusual the project may be.

The Southern Restorations Cooperative has been a long time coming.  While the Cooperative was officially born fairly recently, the relationships and shared passions that led to its formation began over 15 years ago, when Brian Webster joined forces with Alan Noel to grow a furniture restoration practice and started serving antique collectors and heirloom owners in the greater Atlanta area.

The clientele steadily expanded, and in 2009, Brian and Alan chose to find a larger facility and became A. Ross Noel & Associates, the original organization that 7 years later upon Alan’s retirement has become the Southern Restorations Cooperative.  Alan’s legacy lives on as he maintains a presence providing occasional guidance and expertise, but the day-to-day operations are led by Brian Webster fostering his dream to serve more market segments and growing needs in a 21st century way.

Today, the Southern Restoration Cooperative continues serving the needs of the loyal and broad client base cultivated over so many years.  With our expanded capacity and growing organization of Freelancers, we are expanded into related areas of restoration and repair supplemented by Building, Design and Decorative arts and services on a larger scale.  With the multi-talented and diverse team we now have assembled at the Cooperative, we are also able to provide onsite touch-up, repair and restoration of built-ins, surfaces, common areas, large-scale furniture and casework.

Check us out and lets see what we can do for you!