Red Umbrella Serigraph by Linnea Pergola


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Red Umbrella Serigraph by Linnea Pergola
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Artist Bio
Born in Los Angles in 1953, Linnea now resides in New Jersey. Linnea Pergola creates vivid scenes of familiar locations found around the world and transforms them into modern day masterpieces.

Since March of 1989 to the present Linnea Pergola’s work has shown at many galleries including Martin Lawrence, Roberts Gallery of Scottsdale, Art One Gallery, Los Angeles, John Szoke Graphics, New York, and Gallerie I.D., Geneva Switzerland and The Ambassador Gallery of New York. Linnea Pergola’s desire to express her unique creativity is the driving force which inspires and guides her to meld the diverse elements of drama and naive charm is her multimedia paintings and serigraphs. Pergola’s body of work is a collection of captivating and enchanting portrayals of life infused with fantasy to reveal the artist’s pure and unaffected response to her subject.

Linnea Pergola admires the colors and moods of Georgia O’Keefe, the strong illustrations of N.C. Wyeth and the gentle scenes of Swedish life by Carl Larson. Once a subject inspires Pergola, it is transformed by the artist into a new reality. Often the image is changed before the very first line is placed upon the canvas or paper, while other times the image gradually changes as the artist interacts with the image. To begin, Pergola creates a detailed drawing with pen and black India Ink. The artist then gives a stronger sense of depth to the scene by adding gray shadows with a brush and diluted black India ink. All the while, Pergola must anticipate the visual effect of every pen and brush stroke-India ink is a very unforgiving medium. Oil paint is used to give additional detail and visual excitement by coloring some or all of the empty areas of canvas or paper. When using color in selected areas only, Pergola focuses the viewer’s attention on the individual elements she feels are most significant within the overall image.

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