Benefits of becoming an Estate Sales Agent on Manor Born Estate Sales


Let’s get you started

1 | Sign up for FREE

Quick and easy sign up process.

2 | Upload your photos

After you have completed the simple sign up process you can start uploading your items from your Estate Sale directly onto our website. Your items will be displayed straight away and of course Google will be watching ready to display your items in its search results.

3 | Sell your items

Once your items have been uploaded consumers will now be able to view and purchase your items for sale.We take care of the online payments and simpy forward you your money, less of course our small handling fee.


Signing up is FREE, you will be able to use our platform free of charge and an online store is setup for you. for each Estate Sale. In our goal to keep everything simple and transparent we charge just one fee and that is 8% of all items sold. This is deducted from the total revenue taken and the balance is returned to you. Simple!