Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions and you want answers fast, so we have provided all the most commonly asked questions we get. If you cannot find an answer to your question below, then please ask your question through our contact us page.


How do I buy the items I want?

Search, find and select items that you want, place them in your shopping basket, then purchase through a number of different purchasing methods, some of which include PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and many more.

How do I pick up my items?

If you purchase from a store you can pick up your items during regular business hours.  If you purchase from an estate sale or warehouse, you will make arrangements with the seller to schedule a date and time to pick up.

How do I arrange shipping?

There is an estimator for shipping on each item. The Estate Sales Agent will determine final pricing with UPS and it will show up as part of your payment statement

How do I arrange for a moving company to pick up my items?

Each item has a communicate with Estate Sales Agent button. Please share your receipt with your movers, and they can use this as proof of purchase when picking up items at the property.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes please see our Purchasing and Returns Policy for more information.

What happens if I fail to pickup my items before the Estate Sale ends?

Please contact the Estate Sales Agent to make alternative arrangements, as your agreement to purchase is with them.

Where can I ship items?

Items can be shipped anywhere in the USA and to most international countries.

How do I track my items?

In the shipping information there will be a UPS shipping number which can be tracked.

Can I buy Shipping Insurance?

As part of UPS shipping, you may purchase additional insurance.

How do I setup my Wish List?

We will be adding a wish list function soon.  You will be able to list items you are looking for and our agents will be able to send you an alert when they have something in stock for you to consider.

How do I setup my Wish List?

Each item can be added to your Wish List, or you can create a unique Wish List item. When these items become available you will be notified

Estate Sales Agents

How do I sign-up to be an on-line Estate Sales Agent?

Please register and complete your profile.

How do I post my contractual terms and conditions?

Each Estate Sales Agent, when contacted by a Property Owner or Manager, can share their contract directly.

How do I post an Estate Sale on-line?

You will add an Estate Sale by adding the address, adding item photos, descriptions and prices, and then posting on-line.

How do I track sales?

Manor Born Estate Sales provides you with real time reporting on all sales by item and property location, thus allowing you to manage multiple sales simultaneously as needed.

How do I change or discount prices as the sale nears the end?

You edit the sales price directly on the site.

How do I arrange for shipping?

Each item can be shipped by UPS to the shopper per their requests. Tracking numbers, insurance, packing materials etc. are all provided by UPS, and the shopper pays UPS directly.

How do I market my estate sale in addition to Manor Born?

An Estate Sales Agent can post links from the Estate Sale to all social media sites (such as FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.) and their own website by clicking or copying the URL to their designated areas.

What is included in Manor Born marketing?

Manor Born has an extensive array of social and media marketing tools and techniques that drive sales and consumers to the site.

How does Manor Born QR codes work?

Manor Born’s QR advanced codes on signs, banners and marketing are geo-location specific. If the code appears on your signs around your sale, the shopper will instantly be taken directly to the items on sale within your local Estate Sale. Thus encouraging after hours sales as well as greater interest in your sales.

Property Owners

How do I hire an Estate Sales Agent?

Find the Estate Sales Agent that you are interested in, and send them a request for quote or service. They will respond to your directly.

What are the terms and agreements that I am signing?

The agreements are between you and your designated Estate Sales Agent.

How do I see how my sale is going?

Your Estate Sales Agent will provide you with a link to see real time reports on how your sale in progressing.

How long does it take to begin a sale?

Once you have agreed to terms with the Estate Sales Agent, they will take the photos, descriptions of the items and determine the price. Then each item will be ready for on-line sales as soon as you approve to go live with them. The entire process can be as quick as an hour to a few days.

Will the Estate Sales Agent be in my house for the entire time of the sale?

On-line Estate Sales will happen throughout the process, and you will determine the best process for shipping, collection and distribution with your Estate Sales Agent.

How are charitable contributions managed?

At the close of a sale, you and your Estate Sales Agent will determine what residual items to donate to charity, their worth, and they will work directly with the charity for distribution of items and provide you with a detailed receipt, appropriate for tax documentation.

How are my items searched on-line?

Our advanced technology means that each of your items is searchable on Google!

What happens if I have family members who wish to buy items?

They can buy items on-line on the first day of the sale.

When will I receive my reimbursement from the Estate Sale?

This is part of your contractual agreement between you and your Estate Sales Agent.

How is my Estate Sale marketed?

Your Estate Sale is marketing to the entire nation though on-line sales, but also through our network of socia media marketing, Google item searches and geo-location signage.

Why should I choose an Estate Sales Agent using Manor Born?

Estate Sales Agents on Manor Born provide the most professional and organized sales process that will maximize your return through national marketing reach, Google item searches and geo-locational marketing.  You will receive real time mobile reporting and reconcilation of all sales at the end of the sale.