“How can I play baseball when I’m worried about foreign policy?” – Charles M. Schulz

In today’s world of non-stop news up-dates it’s not surprising that people are yearning for simpler times.  Life is moving fast, change is happening all around us and sometimes we feel a bit overwhelmed.

If you have a wistful desire to return to a time when things seemed simpler you can recreate the feeling you had in days past by surrounding yourself with reminders of happier times.  Music, literature, movies and art all have the power to elicit positive emotions.  Listening to good music, looking at pictures that make you happy and enjoying simple things like good food or a walk in the park on a nice day all work to lift your mood.

Many people recreate happier times by collecting items that remind them of their childhood.  A cookie jar or a piece of jewelry like grandma had.  A favorite toy, book or record. Sports memorabilia. Photos of beloved family members. So many things can help us take a sentimental journey to a happier time or place.

This month Manor Born is excited to have two art galleries list neoromantic pieces that fulfill our heart’s desire for those warm feelings that come from nostalgia.  Authenticated original pieces of art from Dr. Seuss and Peanuts Paintings by Tom Everhart, the only artist authorized to paint images of Charles Shultz’s Peanuts characters.

These fanciful pieces instantly bring a smile to your face and bring you back to a time when the lessons in life were simple and true.  We never grow too old to appreciate the sweet, simple candor of Dr. Seuss.  His stories and artwork provided messages of encouragement, responsibility and gratitude.

When stress levels rise, it’s fun to revisit the lessons Charles Schultz and Dr. Seuss, taught us when we were young.  Messages of hope and encouragement that make you feel better and put an instant smile on your face as you remember the things that made you feel happy, secure and loved.

“Whenever the sun is shining, I feel obligated to play outside! – Charles M. Schulz

Visit our site from time to time to see if anything sparks a happy memory from your childhood or from another period in life when you weren’t inundated with stress – but just felt happiness.

“If you never did, you should.  These things are fun and fun is good.” – Dr. Seuss





Here are some tips for a clean, clear, and effective photograph for your next listing. Don’t be intimidated by the length of this list – I have provided some YouTube video links to show you how to set up a light box, shoot jewelry and use natural lighting.

1. Give it a quick clean

This is the most basic, but most overlooked suggestion! Start the entire process by giving the item a quick wipe, clean, or dusting. Digital photos, especially good ones, can magnify any grime!

2. Use even lighting

Glares, flashes, and shadows are often the biggest culprits of a lackluster picture. All of these are caused by uneven light (usually from an intense single source of light). Natural, outdoor light is often great, which is why so many photographers love snapping pics outside! If you are indoors, use two separate sources of light, one on each side (pointing at a 45-degree angle or so). Find a bright corner lit by two windows and place your item where the light will hit the front of the object.

3. Be wary of using flash

When used at a distance, the flash on your camera can help “fill in” the light of an image and work beautifully. Often, though, the flash can create too much light, causing the harsh glares and shadows we are trying to avoid!

4. Use a plain background

Avoid using a patterned or distracting background. Using a solid, light-colored, neutral background will yield the best results. In most cases, solid white or light grey are optimal.

5. Ensure background contrasts with image

If, however, the item your selling is white or grey, you’ll want a background that makes the item stand out. In these cases, using a soft, neutral color like blue complements it well.

6. Remove any clutter from photo

If you can’t take the photo on a plain background (such as a bed, wall, or solid cloth), try to remove any other clutter from the photo. You *can* include other accessories that are included in the listing, but never include items that aren’t listed together.

7. Have your item fill the frame

In most cases, you’ll want the item to nicely fill the frame of the picture. You can also “crop” the image after you’ve already taken it, but if you can zoom in or out to achieve this with the original photo… even better.

8. Shoot image at a slight angle

For your primary photo, you should photograph the item at a slight angle, which will reveal the depth of the object. For the additional photos you will feature in your listing description, you can snap straight-on shots showing the front, back, sides, top and/or bottom.

9. Get up close and personal

Include close up shots of relevant details, such as model numbers, tags, labels, special features, and any notable defects.

10. Display multiple items

When you are photographing multiple items in one shot, spread the items out naturally, with the main object being in the front center. You’ll also want to take at least one picture of each item individually to show in the description.

11. Shoot the bad and the ugly, too

Don’t forget to take a picture of any defects or wear and tear that you’ll be mentioning. Contrary to popular belief, this is a good thing. Buyers don’t want to “guess” what the scratch looks like and it avoids surprises after shipping or pickup.

12. Show scale on small items

On smaller items, you might want to place a ruler in the photo. This helps show the relative size even when the image fills the frame. Alternatively, you can place a small coin or other common object to help show scale.

13. Steady the camera

Use a flat surface, a chair, or a tripod to steady your hand or camera while taking the photo. This will help ensure the photo is clean and in focus, especially if you are zooming in!

14. Use a ‘medium’ setting on your camera

If your camera has multiple settings, take the image in a medium resolution. High resolution will drastically increase your files size, which will make the images take longer to load on your listing page (without any noticeable difference in quality)! Try to keep the final image under 50kb or so and no more than 600 pixels wide. Confusing? Don’t worry, just snap the image under normal settings and you’ll be fine!

15. When in doubt… take extra shots

If you aren’t sure what the best option is for taking that primary photo, just try a couple different angles and positions. Once you load them to your computer, it’ll be easier to pick the best one and delete the rest! Better that than have to pull back out the camera to retake it!

16. Don’t “photoshop” the image

By this I mean, don’t over-edit your image. Cropping the size or adding a little brightness are all harmless edits. But for those of you that know advanced tricks, leave them on the sidelines. Buyers want to see the actual item, not one with fake features, covered-up scratches, or enhanced color.

17. Create a simple light box using a large cardboard box and white poster board. Lie the open box on a table on its side. Put a white poster board in the box – shine a and place your small item on the poster board to take photo. Rest camera on the table at opening of the box and shoot photo. If you need more light – use a lamp to shine into box – but be careful to adjust position of light to ensure you don’t create a shadow. Check out this handy tutorial on YouTube to see how it’s done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6fnHEvLyAE

18. Adjust white balance on camera. While it is best to take pictures in natural daylight, sometimes it still isn’t bright enough for the pictures to turn out very good (especially on overcast days). You may have a setting right on your camera to make your pictures look brighter as you take them. The setting is called “White Balance”. What is that, you ask? According to definition, white balance is the process of removing unrealistic color casts so that objects that appear white in person are rendered white in photographs. By using the proper white balance, you can make the background of our photos much brighter without altering the color of the actual item.

All cameras have different settings and you will need to refer to your camera’s manual to find out how to use the white balance settings.
You may see AWB or “automatic white balance” which means the camera will try to automatically shoot with the correct white balance. Some cameras also have a setting for “manual white balance” where you can use a + or – sign to increase or decrease the white balance. This is especially nice to adjust each picture individually for what looks best. If you do not see any settings for white balance, you may have different “scene” settings on your camera, like daylight, cloudy, shady, beach, etc. You can experiment with these settings to see which one works the best.

19. How to get that crucial close-up shot of small items, like jewelry. Most cameras have a “close-up” setting that you switch it to when you are taking a closer than standard photo. The “flower” setting is really called “Macro” and it appears on most cameras as a tulip-like icon. This is often used when your subject is a small item like a piece of jewelry or a flower. The result is a narrow depth of field and a different perspective. You can learn how to take photos of jewelry on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOhUwTf2REk

Pro tip – If you’d like to take a picture of something very small, and even the “macro” feature is not enough, use an extension tube – it gives a focus for the tiny details. The extension tube is typically a tool used by photography pros but as you advance with your photo shoots you may find yourself developing an appetite for advanced tools and other photo instruments.

20. YouTube is your friend: visit YouTube to view short tutorials like this one to review how to use the tips above to create amazing photos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCaz7GNVLP0


As we prepare for our holiday gathering this year, we are all thinking about how fortunate we are.  Counting the blessings we have and thinking of others less fortunate.

As we continue to build our business and see new members join, we are reminded daily of the good fortune we have as new business owners.   We have wonderful new estate sale agents working with us to offer treasures up to people all across the globe.  We have new buyers visiting our site and purchasing lovely items to add to their personal collections.

We would like to take a moment to say, “Thank You”, to our agents and our customers.  You have made this journey so much fun and have given us such great insight into how we can serve you better.   We wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous holiday.

Blessings to you and your families from Tony and Kimberly


As the temperature cools and we enter into the month of November, our heart rate starts to skip a beat or two.  It’s not just the nip in the air that catches our breathe!  It’s the realization that the holidays are now chasing us down the home stretch and the road in front of us is getting shorter and shorter.

This can be a stressful time for many reasons.  We think about friends and family that are coming to visit.  We look around the house and suddenly realize we need new place settings, additional chairs for the dinner table or updated holiday decor.  We think about the gifts we need to buy and how we promised ourselves that we would stay on a realistic budget this year.  Then we get sentimental and start thinking about how much we really want to make the holidays festive for everyone because it has been such a tough year.

Be of good cheer!  We have an answer to most of your worries – and it resides in one place.  Manor Born Estate Sales, an online shop where you can purchase art, antiques, collectibles, fine china, home decor and more.  Items that will dress you or your home up for the holidays – or gifts that will make friends and family smile from ear to ear.

www.manorbornestatesales.com has a wide variety of household and personal items for sale.  From practical necessities to luxury items or unique collectables – you can find what you are looking for at a fraction of the price you would pay at the mall or your local boutique gift shop.

Get ahead of this holiday season by shopping and saving at www.manorbornestatesales.com.  You and your friends and family will be glad you did.

The treasure hunt starts here,www.manorbornestatesales.com.



If you are you are worried about your carbon footprint, here’s something to think about the next time you need to shop for something new for your home or apartment.

By shopping at estate sales, you can still have nice things while you strive to Save the Planet!

Wanting nice things to create a welcoming home doesn’t have to have an impact on our planet.  When you purchase items from estate sales you are recycling!  Yes, indeed you are recycling things and reducing the need for “new” things to be manufactured.

Best of all?  By shopping estate sales – you have access to some really cool stuff.   Whether you buy an antique or a contemporary piece, you will be able to purchase items that may not have been in your budget if you were to shop at a retailer.  You’ll be amazed to learn that you will even be spending less than you would at discount retailers that sell cheaply made furniture you have to —– BUILD yourself!   Many advantages come to mind when I think about shopping estate sales, you can find:

  • Amazing high-quality items for so much less money
  • Unique, cool things to create your “own” style
  • Antiques and collectables that bring back lost memories
  • Contemporary pieces that are gently used
  • Pieces that you can refinish to create the look you want

I bet you’ll find reasons of your own to love shopping estate sales.  So, why not give it a try today and see if you find an item or two, or ten!  The best part of shopping estate sales at Manor Born is that you get to buy from dealers all over the country – and that means you have access to an enormous treasure trove every time you visit the site.

ManorBornEstateSales.com – the treasure hunt starts here.

Mother earth says, “thank you”.